Thankful Thursday: Family Histories

Post submitted by Tammie Iczkowski

Today I would like to publicly thank my Uncle, Richard, aka Rich Schimmel, who has passed away a few years ago. Who was always cracking jokes and bringing light into my life. 

Post submitted by Kris Ellsworth:

My family has always be busy working on our family history.  Even as a child, we had a Family Home Evening once a month where we would learn about one story about an ancestor that we could add to our own binders entitled, "My Own Pioneer Ancestors." 
Having so much information readily available to me, I've become a bit complacent about it.  Doing a quick walkthrough of my house, these are the life stories I easily come upon:
  • My Own Pioneer Ancestors
  • Life Story of Dorothy Mae Blalock Hadley
  • Life Stories: Lloyd Reed Ellsworth & Alice Josephine Cluff Ellsworth
  • The Cluff Family Journal
  • Our Blalock Beginnings
  • Our Hadley Heritage
  • Our Rose Family History
  • Footprints of Roy
  • Baker's Dozen: William Evans and Esther Celestia Cole Baker Family
  • The Life and Times of a True American Frontiersman: Edmund Lovell Ellsworth
  • Remember: The Willie and Martin Handcart Companies and their Rescuers - Past and Present
  • History of the Mormon Colonies in Mexico (The Juarez Stake) 1885-1980
And that's just the easily accessible, bound books.  I'm ashamed to say that I haven't fully read any of these, although I have studies and skimmed through almost a third.
This week, I decided to crack open these books. I quickly learned how much I have missed out on because I haven't bothered to read them.  There are so many amazing jewels: stories and events that I didn't realize my ancestors were a part of.   It caused my love of family history to burn stronger and I'm working like crazy to try and do more in helping others feel the same passion I do.
Don't let your family's stories become lost.  Don't throw away these precious pearls of knowledge.  Start today with a tape recorder, a camcorder, or a simple paper and pencil.  Sit down with your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins.  Help them write down their own life story.  Or search through your home for a life story and sit down to read through it.  You will be amazed at the things you learn about.  It is a truly amazing blessing!

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  1. Great reminder for all of us! I'm so glad my dad sat down with his mom back in 1977 to record her personal history vocally. In it she even sings Swedish songs. It's a real treasure!


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