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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun
This week, your mission, should you decide to accept it...
Posts every Saturday by Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings

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Family History Through The Alphabet Challenge
It’s not hard, you just need to use the current letter for the week (A, B, C etc. whatever week we’re up to, right through to Z), and connect it to someone, something, or a topic relating to your family that you’d like write about.
Started on May 10 by Alan and Anthea Phillips at Gould Genealogy & History

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The Family History Writing Challenge
A 29-day commitment to writing your family history.
Posted Feb 1-29th by Lynn Palermo at The Family History Writing Challenge

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Olive Tree Genealogy's Challenge
Every once in a while, the blog will post month-long challenges, 15-minute challenges, etc
Lorine McGinnis at Olive Tree Genealogy

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5-Minute Genealogy Challenge
This video series is all about helping you quickly discover your family history. The 25 episodes will guide you through basic research principles that will help you have success finding your ancestors.  Your challenge: follow the advice of each of the 5-Minute Genealogy episodes.
FamilySearch Video Series

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I live in the present yet feel for the past
Seeking connections and roots that outlast
The change of the seasons, the distance of time
Stories and people who I can call mine

Someone who's part of me -- Who will that someone be?

For the hearts of the children are turning
Turning to fathers they've never seen
And the hearts of the fathers are burning
With the promise of what will be

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