The SNGF Genealympics!

On behalf of the 2012 London Olympics, Randy Seaver from Genea-Musings has created the Saturday Night Genealogy Fun Genealympics.

To learn more and participate, go to:

If you have no blog to post your own participation, submit it to familypearls (at) gmail (dot) com and see it posted here.

Posted by Kris Ellsworth:

Design your own Genealympics flag to represent your ancestry, heritage or personal expression:

This flag's design is focused on ancestors who immigrated from Great Britain (mainly England) and Denmark.  The image is a magnolia, representing ancestors from the Southern states.


  1. Great flag, Kris! I love the magnolia representing your Southern ancestors.


I live in the present yet feel for the past
Seeking connections and roots that outlast
The change of the seasons, the distance of time
Stories and people who I can call mine

Someone who's part of me -- Who will that someone be?

For the hearts of the children are turning
Turning to fathers they've never seen
And the hearts of the fathers are burning
With the promise of what will be

Play the song "The Hearts of the Fathers are Turning" by Steven Kapp Perry